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Our membership encompasses a field to table spectrum from agriculture to fine dining, with emphasis on all the specialty foods, farm markets, diners and hands-on restaurants in between that are so dear to the hearts of Midwesterners who love real food.

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Tales from the Trails Blog

  • Satisfy your Sweet Tooth at Ahlemeyer Farms Olde Tyme Bakery

    Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Located in Columbus, IN, not too far from Downtown, you will find a bakery with all of your sweet favorites! Kim Kiel, the owner of Ahlemeyer Farms Olde Tyme Bakery is a pro and has been making delicious baked goods professionally now for 25 years. As you walk in the door you are greeted by the most amazing smell, all the pies, cookies, breads and other baked goods baking. The smell alone made my mouth water, not to mention the sights! The pies are gorgeous, especially the meringues with absolutely perfect peaks and just the right touch of brown on the tops. It almost looks too good to eat! Note I said almost! Trust me they taste even better than they appear.

    Kim and family started out selling produce. Where they were finding that a lot of the produce that hadn't gone bad, but was not perfect for market, was getting thrown away. In hopes to preserve the produce, the idea came about to start using this food to make bakery items. One thing led to another and the bakery business was growing faster than the produce. As a result of this growth Ahlemeyer Farms Bakery was established in 1989.

    Ahlemeyer Bakery Kentucky Chocolate Pie

    All of the delicious pies are made from scratch where pie shells are hand mixed and rolled out. They are also made using farm fresh ingredients and consist almost entirely of local fruit. The pie crust is thin, buttery and flaky. One of my favorites was the Kentucky Chocolate Pie. This seemed to be a cross of a pecan pie (without the pecans) and a chocolate chip cookie. Super rich but amazing! The chocolate was melty and there was a creamy sweet base but still had a cookie like crunch with the crust and the top.

    The next time you are in Columbus, IN be sure to stop in Ahlemeyer Farms Olde Tyme Bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth! Tell them the Indiana Foodways Alliance sent you!

    This blog was shared by Ashley Gregory

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  • Vote for Us!

    Posted on Monday, July 20, 2015

    Have you voted for us in the USA Today and 10 Best, Reader's Choice Best Food Trails contest yet? Let's make Indiana Number 1! Check it out here: Return every day to vote again! Then be sure to follow the trail!

    Let's go Hoosier Pie! Mrs. Wick's Sugar Cream Pie

    For Media Inquiries please call Lindsey Skeen @ 812-592-0163 or

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  • Diesel's Sports Grille

    Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

    Craving a great sandwich? Visit Diesel's Sports Grille and Pub in Danville, IN on the Courthouse Square. We recently visited for lunch and were not disappointed! They have awesome lunch specials that include a sandwich, side and a drink for $7! You can't beat that and take a look at how big my sandwich was!

    Deisel's Sports Grille Caprese Sandwich with Onion Rings

    Now I'm not from Hendricks County and as a Mayberry Café and a Bread Basket Café enthusiast, it was very hard for me to branch out and try something different as those two restaurants have amazing food and are on or very close to the square as well. Unfortunately for me, my decision on where to eat when in Danville, just got even harder! Maybe I need to do a progressive meal and have something at all three next time. Diesel's moved right up there to one of my favorites in Hendricks County.

    I ordered a Grilled Caprese Sandwich with onion rings. It's house made bacon, roma tomato, fresh basil and provolone cheese on a parmesan Texas toast. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it! So fresh and light but still very filling. When I returned home I thought, I could make this Caprese sandwich and actually attempted to make it but it just wasn't the same. Those onion rings too! Don't forget them, they were huge and perfectly crisp! My friends also ordered the Dagwood (which is Applewood smoked turkey, roast beef, ham, spring mix and cayenne mayo with choice of cheese on a toasted baguette) with the very delicious looking fries and the Taco Salad (Spring mix with pico de gallo, avocado, queso, ground beef and tortillas with ranch dressing) both of these looked fantastic too! I'm told the wings are fantastic too! So much I want to try on their menu, I'm afraid I'll never visit enough times to try it all! I would definitely travel a bit out of my way to stop here for lunch though!

    Diesel's is open for lunch and dinner and you can find them at 20 West Main Street in Danville, IN.

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  • The Hour Time Restaurant- A special place to gather

    Posted on Monday, June 29, 2015

    Hour Time Clock Come eat under the clock! You cant miss this distinctive clock off of South Street at Interstate 65, welcoming guests to the community. The large four-faced clock gave the restaurant its name. Before arriving in Indiana it had stood for more than 50 years (constructed in 1910) atop the Times Mill Railroad Station in Rochdale, England. It was a well- known feature of Yorkshire County and was often called The Big Ben of Northern England. The Roachdale Clock was shipped to the states after its removal in 1962 and the restaurant owner; Roy Meeks purchased the clock at an exclusive Los Angeles auction of architectural antiques. The restaurant was then designed around it.

    The clock isn't the only unique feature of this restaurant! In the middle of the restaurant you will find a live Ficus Benjamina tree. It grows up through the three levels of the restaurant and is a great addition to the ambiance of the restaurant. The multi-levels of the restaurant also add a sense of privacy making this a great place for a romantic date night, there are all sorts of nooks and crannies where a couple or group of people can gather to enjoy a semi private dinner. Over the years my family has held many of our special occasions here; Valentines Days, anniversaries and birthdays, including my 21st birthday party with my family! Wine was always on the table when visiting the Hour Time and I was very excited to be able to finally partake in the wine that day! So much so, Im pretty sure I drank two bottles of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante all on my own! Good thing I wasnt driving that day! Besides the special occasions, many regular meals out with the family have been enjoyed here throughout the years.

    The Hour Time is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week and they really do have a large variety to choose from. Now, down to the part you really want to know& the food! For breakfast I would recommend trying their Benedict Florentine. Eggs Benedict isn't something you find at a lot of places but in addition, this is special as it has spinach on it, which just makes the dish. Its two poached eggs, served on an English muffin, creamed spinach and smothered with hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast potatoes and a Parmesan tomato. For lunch I would recommend the Chicken Salad Fresh Fruit Plate. Hour Time Chicken Salad Fresh Fruit PlateIt's a great lite lunch, featuring chunks of all white chicken, mixed with their special dressing, accompanied with a medley of fresh seasonal fruit chunks, butter pound cake and a special creamy dipping sauce. Okay, so maybe it isn't so lite on calories, but when you leave you will feel satisfyingly full but not stuffed. I'm not a big steak eater but I've heard they have fabulous steaks for dinner. Family members often get steaks and are always thoroughly pleased. My favorite is the Chicken Tortellini Alfredo. Its a sautéed skinless chicken breast blended with a rich blend of Parmesan cheese, butter, seasonings and cream, tossed with tortellini and accompanied with a toasted garlic bread wedge. Yum, my mouth is watering as Im writing this&.hmmm wonder if dinner is ready yet? If not maybe my husband would be up for the Hour Time tonight! (Who am I kidding; of course its not ready! Haha!)

    I hope you will try the Hour Time soon! Oh and for something fun be sure to go in the restaurant entrance from the parking lot and check out the fun mirror in the vestibule. Dont worry; you dont really look like that!


    The Hour Time Restaurant is located at the Best Western at 4343 South Street in Lafayette. To learn more, see the menu or make a reservation check out their website at: or call 765-448-4669.

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  • Taste of Tippecanoe

    Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Looking for something to do this weekend? Plan a trip to Lafayette-West Lafayette on Saturday,June 20th, 2015! 4pm to midnight will be one of Lafayette's biggest summer events, The Taste of Tippecanoe! Everything is good! This event has a lot of something for everyone. From food to music, this one night event features the absolute best from the Greater Lafayette area.

    Taste of   Tippecanoe

    Admission is $10, cash per person upon entering the gates. After that, you can purchase tickets for $1 a piece. Each vendor will then have a few different options for one or just a few tickets. This allows guests to easily make transactions with vendors without having to carry around a bunch of cash. Most vendors will offer a one ticket special that will be for a sample of their main dish. For example, one small scoop of ice cream or a mini bun with pulled pork on it. This gives you an opportunity to really get a taste of all that the greater Lafayette has to offer!

    This year three different stages will be set up that feature all different types of music. Music will range from rock to country to blues and many more! I highly recommend arriving as soon as you can in order to really get a Taste of all of the music! Local artists can really be the best performers and entertainers.

    For those of you whom are of age, local wines and great summer beers will also be available for a few tickets to enjoy with all of your scrumptious tastes.

    The night continues on with lots of friends, family and laughter. Once it becomes dark outside, last year it was at 10:45, the sky will be brightened up again. This time not with the sun, but with a spectacular fireworks show! One of the coolest memories of mine from attending last years Taste was sitting on the pedestrian bridge over the Wabash with some of my closest friends watching the fireworks. This was the best ending there could have been to end such a spectacular night!

    Blog shared by Rachel Blankenship, Intern at Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette.

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  • Good Food, Great Tradition and a Bit of Celebrity

    Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Featured in Time magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Highway 50, Aint That American Book and the movie Falling From Grace set the bar pretty high for Larrisons Diner in Seymour, but dont worry, the diner lives up to the hype! Larrisons Diner has been a traditional downtown café for over 30 years, though before that is was Harts Sandwich Shop, which started in the 1940s. It became Larrisons in 1975 and is now operated by Liz and her brother Kevin, who purchased it from their parents in 1996. This is good food by good people carrying on a tradition in a small town for more than 70 years. Alt Text Walking into Larrisons is like walking into home. It is a diner, but you feel like you are family. Maybe thats because some people have been coming here since they were kids and generations still enjoy the fountain Big Red. It is not unusual to see a grandpa sharing a milkshake and fries with his grandson. Pam at the grill used to come in and meet the guy running the grill, who then became her husband! Lena has been working here for 24 years and still hand peels the potatoes, cuts the onions and makes the cole slaw, fresh daily. My favorites, and it is hard to choose as I sampled many, many items, would have to be the tenderloin, the Big E Burger, the grilled onions, milk shakes, and the soup. The French fries are a must! They are hand cut every day..Its safe to say almost everything on the menu ended up as my favorite. I could write about this diner all day long, but you just need to visit Larrisons Diner in Seymour and try it all for yourself. You wont be disappointed. PS  Ask to sit at the John Mellencamp table&its his favorite place to eat in Seymour.

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  • Café Batar, if I wrote poetry, I would write an ode to you, your salads, pork chops, and especially my newest addiction, your butter cookies!

    Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Café Batar IS the unexpected! Alt Text When you arrive back the unassuming gravel driveway, you are stepping into another world. The setting borders the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge and wildlife is what you will see. From deer and Batars pet turkey to several types of birds frequenting the lush flower gardens, relaxation is the name of the game. Feel free to amble through the flower gardens. Sit. Relax or pick up supplied binoculars and bird watch for a bit. Slow down. When you enter the tea room you will be asked to turn off your cell phone. The tranquility of the interior greets you. In the intimate dining areas you notice that everyone is moving at a more sedate pace and enjoying the surroundings as much as the food. Sit down. Exhale. Enjoy the décor.

    My favorite is the Salad Fruit Plate. The white meat only chicken salad chopped with a light dressing was wonderful and served with pasta salad, assorted fresh fruit and the Café Batar Cream Cheese Spread and flatbread crackers. My guest had the Chick-On-Nest homemade chicken salad on a large butter croissant. It looked and tasted dazzling. While sipping the cranberry raspberry iced tea, I watched the birds playing outside the window. We also tried the Quiche of the week, made fresh daily. The crust was perfect. I enjoyed the Chefs Special, which was Baked Pork Chops. The dish came with real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. The chops were seasoned to perfection and fork tender. An absolute must! The unexpected is not only the vintage table cloths, but also that your food is served on vintage Wedgewood China. We wrapped up our meal with the Raspberry Chocolate Cake, which was a truly grand way to end any meal. It was unbelievably good.

    When you are finished, stroll through the gift shop, check out the great tea accessories and many unique girly items. Wonder over to the Batar Sweet counter. William Dean Chocolates are always in stock, along with melt-in-your-mouth fudge, cake balls and butter cookies! These cookies are like the ones you grandma made. They are simple and decadent and come in a variety of gorgeous designs. Special orders are welcome, as well as small get-togethers. A variety of events are held through the season.

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  • Three generations of cooking and making candies is Chocolate Spoon

    Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Alt Text

    The great home cooking at The Chocolate Spoon shows that having a love for making food comes through in the end. Eva, the owner and chef, creates a nice variety of menu items all with quality ingredients. The chicken salad sandwich on fresh croissant to the fresh fruit and daily specials of roast beef or a hearty potato soup all reflect the love that goes into creating these dishes.

    For the vegetarians, or heck, for anyone, the vegetable lasagna is one of the house specialties and a local favorite. Created with layers of garden veggies, three cheese, alfredo sauce, marinara sauce and served with parmesan and a side salad and homemade Italian bread, its a win-win. The sumptuous layering and rich sauces over the vegetables create a magnificent medley in your mouth that you will crave.

    Not up for lasagna?? Try the chicken salad croissant. Made fresh with all white meat and using fresh thyme and grapes, this sandwich is filling, yet not too heavy. Lightly toasted and served with fresh fruit, you cannot go wrong. The thyme offers a nice surprise in the salad which the grapes offer a bit of sweet surprise.

    Follow your meal with a tough decision, the hot fudge cake or the chocolates. Most of the desserts come from old family recipes, passed down through the generations. I would suggest the hot fudge cake for after lunch with a box of chocolates for later!

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  • Dont Know What to Have? Try Stahls Cafés I Dont Know with Grilled Onions

    Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Stahls Café and Deli is tucked away in Brownstown in an historic old building with a beautiful façade that was once a furniture store. The Cafe and Deli offers some of the most extraordinarily assembled sandwiches you can experience. The owner, Patty Stahl, is not afraid to experiment with new menu items and is always trying new creations.

    Alt Text Featuring daily specials, such as Country Fried Steak with homemade gravy or Indianas own Tenderloin sandwich, Stahls regulars cant resist trying the dazzling sandwiches featured on the menu and sharing with table mates. The I Dont Know is layers of roast beef, ham and turkey with American and Swiss cheese grilled on a sub bun with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and mayo. By description, this may sound like an ordinary sandwich, but it is not. The I Dont Know is perfection on a bun. The sandwich has the right amount of moist meats layered with fresh cheese and lusciously fresh lettuce and tomato and the mouth-watering grilled onions are the perfect topping to this bit of heaven.

    My next suggestion is the Bacon-Tomato Grilled Cheese. I have seen grilled cheese sandwiches with all sorts of flourish added to them, but the simple, clean approach to just bacon and tomato allow the fresh ingredients to speak for themselves. Topped with a sour cream and onion sauce, you could not create a better grilled cheese if you tried.The Spinach Salad Wrap is a delicious blend of flavors you wouldnt think would mesh well together. Spinach, grilled chicken and feta cheese mingle with craisins and blueberries and are nestled in a honey wheat wrap. Divine& Also well done is the Southwest Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich, which you can have hot or cold..your choice.

    Dessert varies from day to day at the café, but home baked fruit pies, crème pies, cobblers and cakes are available each day. The New York style cheesecake can be topped in a variety of ways and is a must. Be sure to not skip dessert, for if you do, you are only short-changing yourself.

    Stahls Café and Deli is in an unassuming building, but that is where it ends, once you have whats inside that building you will be unassuming no more. Enjoy!

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  • Blue Gate Restaurant & Theatre

    Posted on Friday, May 8, 2015

    Alt Text

    Written by Lindsey Skeen

    Aahh the smells of fresh baked bread and homemade cooking was the first thing I noticed as we walked into the door of the Blue Gate Restaurant and Theatre. My senses were officially awakened by the aroma of fresh baked bread, homemade noodles and home cooking. It took me back to my childhood when I opened the door to my grandparent's house. My mouth was watering instantly. Noodle aroma as my sisters call it. Its like walking into my grandmother's house during the Holidays. A smile filled my face from remembering those days.

    BLUE GATE Restaurant, a part of Riegseckers Inc. located in Shipshewana, Indiana AKA Amish Country. It is a great story so if you would like the read full version For lack of a better term, Blue Gate Restaurant is a destination within a destination featuring Amish and Mennonite Cuisine. Personally, I haven't visited Shipshewana in years, I'm embarrassed to admit but was very excited to be a tourist today.

    Maureen and I were greeted by smiling faces and warm hellos entering the dining area. As we were seated I noticed two bottles on every table. The waitress shared with us that the special toppings were Blue Gate's Famous Peanut Butter and Apple Butter. Sure enough, a warm loaf of homemade bread was placed in front of us by the bubbly waitress. I thought to myself, glad I'm famished, unlimited peanut butter spread, I'm in trouble. (I made a mental note to go buy some later in their Bakery Shop.) Luckily, I needed to save room for the rest my meal.

    When ordering at Blue Gate Restaurant several dining style options are available; off the Menu, Family Style or their newest addition Buffet Style. We chose to try the Family Style Dining as we wanted the full experience with the option to sample the different meats and sides. Tender roast beef, homemade meatloaf or smoked ham may be selected to accompany fried chicken as your entrees. We were a split table so deciding on the meatloaf and fried chicken was perfect solution. Sides consists of Amish noodles, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables and chicken dressing. If that wasn't enough to look forward to, a fresh salad starts the meal.

    Blue Gate prides itself on the Farm to Table Concept. Most of the menu items are all locally purchased produce, meat, and majority of their ingredients. This place is a prime example of the concept Farm to Table. They even have gluten free options available for those gluten sensitive guests.

    The meal arrived promptly just as anticipated and looked like a mini feast. Blue Gate takes pride in antibiotic and hormone free ground beef and other meats produced from the area. Believe me you CAN taste the difference. The meatloaf was the perfect texture solid and moist yet not too grainy like some meatloaves. The taste exuded savory and sweet in the perfect combination. The chicken was exactly what one would imagine with Amish Fried Chicken. Light on the breading, succulent, and juicy beyond belief. The noodles tasted as though they were hand cut in the kitchen and I'm pretty sure that was the case. The green beans tasted fresh out of the garden. The REAL mashed potatoes were outstanding and the gravy was the perfect consistency and blend of spices. I know I said three or four times to my dining companions that the gravy tasted just like my Grandma Velma's gravy. I'm sure my friends at the table were thinking enough already.

    Blue Gate boasts a plethora of options for their famous pies! A piece of pie, breaded pudding or ice cream is included if you choose Family Style. They have year round options such as Apple Pie, Dutch Pie, Banana Cream Pie, Butterscotch, Peanut Butter, Coconut Cream, and the list goes on. I tried the Red Raspberry Cream Pie and from the first bite I grasped why Blue Gate is known for these decadent desserts. From the crust to the farm fresh pie filling ingredients it is no wonder why Blue Gate is PIE FAMOUS!

    It seems as though the term Farm to Table is used so freely these days but Blue Gate Restaurant embodies this coined term. The freshness of each served item is evident when you take the first bite. From the peanut butter on the table to the last bite of pie, my expectations were exceeded tenfold. If you want the best cooking that brings your mind and heart back to Grandmas on a Sunday or eating right from the farm, visit Blue Gate Restaurant. Your heart mind and belly will be happy.

    While there are many shops under the Riegsecker name to visit in Shipshewana, we decided on the Blue Gate Bakery and Hitching Post. It is the must thing to do after eating at the restaurant. Fresh baked goods are made daily. They have 25 varieties of pies, candy, rolls and many other homemade Amish items filling their shelves. I decided on a Coconut Cream Pie and candy for the family. I walked out without the Peanut Butter Spread, the pie was calling my name!

    The Hitching Post has vast array of items for sale: unique childrens toys, farm nostalgia and locally handmade items by the people in the community. In addition to the merchandise, it hosts The Yogurt Barn and a Coffee Shop and is lovely place to stop and reenergize after a fun day filled with shopping. The frozen yogurt is 100% natural and 50 different toppings are available to add to your treat.

    Blue Gate Garden Inn, formerly the old indoor waterpark hotel, is also owned by Riegsecker Inc. They transformed the former indoor waterpark hotel into charming Inn. Amenities include pool, breakfast, and an ice cream parlor. That's an added bonus when staying there, perfect while visiting Amish Country or catching Josiah For President at the Blue Gate Theatre currrently running May 5 through September 5th. Blue Gate Theatre has hosted famous Country and Gospel Acts as Kenny Rogers, Michael W. Smith, The Oakridge Boys, The Gaithers, Steven Curtis Chapman and many more famous acts.

    Thank you Michael Hoover, for hosting Maureen and I during our visit. He is Group Sales & Marketing Manager for Blue Gate Restaurant & Theatre. Michael sells to tourism professionals and leisure travelers. Wow, what a fun and thrilling job, lucky guy! Thank you for a taking my heart and mind by back to noodle aroma.

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