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The Indiana Foodways Alliance is a membership-based association dedicated to the development and promotion of the local food culture of Indiana and small businesses from field to table.

To learn more about Indiana Foodways Alliance and about Membership opportunities. You may also call 812-592-0163.

Join the Indiana Foodways Alliance

The Indiana Foodways Alliance is a non-profit membership organization that brings Indiana food producers, farm markets, specialty food manufacturers, grocers and retailers, restaurants, chefs, good cooks and people who love good food together to enrich the awareness of Indiana’s great culinary culture and heritage, and to promote Indiana’s foods and traditions.

MISSION STATEMENT: Indiana Foodways, a statewide non-profit organization, dedicated to the celebration, promotion, and preservation of the authentic food culture of Indiana. Questions: email: info@indianafoodways.com


In order for any restaurant or food product to be accepted into IFA they must pass the site or product assessment. Member is expected to coordinate site assessment appointments between IFA representatives and the member locations. Assessments need to be completed within 60 days of receipt of member dues payment. IFA requires samples of food or product for photographs and tasting. The member(s) or site(s) being assessed are responsible for cost of assessment samples. All members are invited to attend IFA Board Meetings (6 times per year). These meetings are meant to encourage networking, creativity, and excitement about an important segment of Indiana’s heritage and economy.

2019 MEMBERSHIP LEVELS Charter Member Level

2019 Current Member Rate $665

New Member Rate $750

This level helps smaller tourism offices, chambers, and economic development offices have a presence in IFA’s marketing material. This level includes five culinary tourism site assessments, profile, and a listing on IFA's culinary trails. You will also be allowed to submit blog entries, culinary event listings, and have your website linked to IFA. This level includes all non-profit promotions office benefits for 5 nominated sites or products.

Partner Level

2019 Current Member $1330 and New Member Rate $1500

This level includes all charter member benefits for 10 nominated sites or products.

Individual Restaurant or Food Producer Level

2019 Current Member: $268 and New Member Rate: $300 If you are a restaurant or food producer in a county that the tourism office, chamber of commerce, or economic development office is not a Charter or Partner Member, you can still benefit and be involved in IFA.

By joining IFA, you support an organization helping smaller businesses grow and you help define Indiana food products. Hoosiers become more aware that you are an Indiana employer and others take notice of Indiana local products. This level includes one culinary tourism site assessment, detailed profile or history on the IFA website, and a listing on IFA's culinary trails. You will also be allowed to submit blog entries and have your website linked to IFA.

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Please email or send to Indiana Foodways Alliance:

Indiana Foodways Alliance C/o Maureen Lambert 6335 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson, IN 46013 maureen@visitamcvb.com Once completed an invoice will be sent directly to the email or address given.