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My Pizza My Way, Peru

June 24, 2014 - General -

Craving Pizza? Get it just the way you like it at My Pizza My Way in Peru, IN! If you are in a hurry, they have an awesome pizza and salad bar with fresh items rotating through often. Have a special pizza you love thats not on the pizza bar? Request it, they will get it up for you as quick as they can. Have a little more time? Order your own pizza just the way you like it! Ready to try something a little different? Their Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza is the thing for you! Its ranch dressing instead of tomato sauce with lots of cheese and good portions of chicken and bacon. Delicious!

Besides the toppings, the crust is really what makes the pizza phenomenal, its sure to become your favorite pizza! Its not thin crust and not really thick crust but just perfect, right in the middle. I would compare it to a pan pizza crust, crispy on the outside, fluffy and flaky on the inside with the perfect amount of buttery flavor. The crust just melts in your mouth. Mmmm, I can taste it now. I dont even need toppings, just bring me the crust&well, the toppings do make it even better, maybe I will take some.

If pizza isnt your thing dont rule My Pizza My Way out, they have great salads, subs, pasta, appetizers and desserts too. If you have a special dietary need too, the owner is very willing to work with you to find something delicious you can eat such as a crust less pizza for those that need a gluten free menu. Grab a friend or two or three and go on over to enjoy pizza at My Pizza My Way!

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