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July 26, 2017 - General -

Tucked away by the IGA in Rockville is a very nice surprise! The Phoenix Restaurant is an Asian buffet but also has menu options. Locals love it! One woman we met says she comes twice a week and just loves the Crab Rangoon and the Baked Crabmeat with Cheese. We were sure to try those and fell in love with them! The staff and owner are very friendly and you could tell that there were many regulars in there for lunch the day we visited.

The buffet was very clean and had a good selection of options. We were encouraged to try the coconut chicken, crab Rangoon, baked crabmeat with cheese and we were told to wait and save room for the house specialty- the Chicken Rendang! That day she also had a wonderful cauliflower and cheese dish that we loved. We were so impressed with the flavors of each dish! The Phoenix, Coconut Chicken The coconut chicken was breaded, fried chicken bites with a creamy coconut sauce. Amazing! Crab Rangoons at the Phoenix The Crab Rangoons were perfectly crunchy with a sweet, creamy center. The baked crabmeat with cheese was an interesting dish, that we thought was something different, it was simple, just like it sounds, crabmeat with melted cheese on top. I believe maybe there were some vegetables thrown in there too but Im not quite sure, at any rate it was very good. The crown jewel was for sure the Chicken Rendang though! Chicken Rendang at the Phoenix This is a Malaysian Dish that only is available when the owner is working we are told. It is a chicken curry dish with vegetables but the curry flavor is somewhat milder than most. I'm not a curry fan at all and I really enjoyed this dish, although a bit spicy. It had hints of ginger as well, which the owner mentioned she loves to put in many of her dishes. We were told, residents of the area who have moved away often come back and request her Chicken Rendang, saying its not as good or can't be found in the Asian restaurants in their new towns. The buffet also offered a variety of traditional Asian dishes such as Egg Drop Soup, Sweet Donuts, sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, pot stickers, egg rolls and more. It was a very impressive spread and dishes were being refilled consistently.

We left with our bellies full and dreaming of the next time we can visit to try some more mouthwatering dishes! If looking for Asian in Parke County and surrounding areas, this is for sure the place to go!

When you visit, please take photos and share those and your experience with us on our social media pages! We'd love to hear what you think!

You will find The Phoenix Restaurant on the Savor the Flavor and the Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Trails.

Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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