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Gobbler's Knob Country Store

July 27, 2017 - General -

Just moments from Turkey Run State Park, you will find The Gobblers Knob Country Store off of SR 41 in Bloomingdale, IN. Gobbler's Knob Country Store Outside

The friendly staff, fun nostalgic candy, handmade candies and drumsticks and the wonderful ice cream selection are more than enough to make the trip but as an added bonus, they also have antiques, collectables and some jewelry! Be sure you stop by when you are in the area, you've got to see this!

The ice cream was fantastic, with a large variety of changing flavors, many would be hard to find elsewhere. Such as elephant ear ice cream! Where have you ever seen that before? If you like elephant ears or cinnamon, Id give that one a try for sure! See one you are interested in, but not sure about? They do offer samples as well to help make your decision. The most amazing thing we tried while we were here, was their drumsticks that they make on-site. Drumstick from Gobbler's Knob It's dipped vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone topped with chocolate and salted peanuts. Yum! So, delicious and 100 times better than the mass produced kind you find in the grocery store! There was even a surprise once you got to the bottom. You'll have to try one to figure that out though. (Yes, its edible. Sorry, its not a ring or something like in a box of Cracker Jacks).

The history of this building is very interesting. Ask while you are there, but here is a short synopsis, with details taken from a history as recalled by Jessie Guthrie Graeber and George Guthrie and given to us when we visited. The building was formerly the Commissary at Turkey Run. It was constructed about 1927 by local carpenters for William Guthrie, the then lessee and manager of the hotel at Turkey Run. It was a place to get picnic supplies and groceries and its staff also served sandwiches, pie, soda pop and ice cream. Mr. Guthries lease on the hotel was canceled in 1943 and he was told he could leave the commissary building but wouldn't be paid anything for it. So, in the summer of 1943, they sawed the building in half across the gables and the two halves were rolled on logs down SR 47 to SR 41 and placed on a solid foundation at it's new home. It has had a variety of different uses since it has been moved but its very well suited as an ice cream and candy store now we think.

This location also has two adorable tiny house style, air-conditioned cabins available for rent next to the Country Store. Gobbler's Knob Cabin Check out their website for more details on those: http://www.gobblersknobcabins.com/. We were able to tour them while here and it sure made us long for a weekend away! Very clean and comfortable space.

When you visit, be sure to share your experience with us on social media! We'd love to hear from you!

You will find Gobblers Knob Country Store on the Sweet Temptations and I Scream for Ice Cream Trails.

Blog Written by Ashley Gregory

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