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November 4, 2014 - General -

Alligator, in Indiana? Thankfully, not in the water, but you can find alligator on the menu at Boondocks Food and Spirits in Peru, IN! This restaurant, known for its Cajun recipes and jazz atmosphere has several Cajun specialties on the menu, a couple of which use alligator. They are best known for their Alligator Po Boy. Its a hand-breaded alligator fried to a golden brown on a 6 inch sub roll, topped with lettuce, Roma tomatoes, onion and bistro sauce. I have never tried Alligator before so really have nothing to base this on but it was pretty good. Now I cant say Id necessarily order it again, not because of the taste but just because I cant get out of my head that its alligator, silly I know but I just dont think I could do it. It really tasted a lot like dark meat chicken. Those of you, like me who arent the most adventurous, dont worry they have other Po Boy options such as Shrimp and lots of other options on the menu. Im sure just about anyone could find something they like on the menu. No matter how strange though, I really do try to always try everything at least once, I might like it so I try to live by the motto, dont dis it until youve tried it.

The day I visited, we also tried the Cajun shrimp. This dish was lovely! The plating of it was very appetizing and colorful. I was a little hesitant because, Im a little sensitive to spicy items and dont usually tolerate anything over a mild spice rating. So, I very cautiously took my first bite, while it was nicely seasoned and had a hint of heat, it was not overwhelming at all! It was perfect! Once I started, it was hard to stop! It is a flavorful mix of rice and beans with shrimp and topped with green onions and a special sauce. Yum!Now as I mentioned before, if you arent into Cajun dont worry, they also have things such as tilapia, prime rib, tenderloin, kabobs and more, you are sure to find something you like, but Id encourage you to step out of the box and try something new& you might like it!

Check out their Facebook page for updates on the live entertainment and weather permitting, be sure to check out their nice outdoor seating area!

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