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Aroma Coffee Shop and DeRozier's Bakery

November 4, 2014 - General -

Mmmmm&..smell that? Its the smell of single origin, fresh roasted coffee at Aroma Coffee Shop in Peru, IN! If you smell a hint of sweets, you arent mistaken, its the donuts and apple fritters made on site at DeRoziers Bakery or possibly the cupcakes, cookies and cakes made at adjoining Dreams to Reality Cakes. Heaven!

Im not a coffee drinker, love the smell, not so fond of the taste, but Im told the coffee is fantastic and Sandy Chittum from the Miami County Chamber of Commerce claims that this is a No Jitters Coffee. I can say, the smells were amazing! Favorites include cappuccinos, lattes and the specials on the day I was there were the Raspberry Amaretto or a Vietnamese Iced Coffee which several people were enjoying while I visited. For all you non-coffee drinkers dont worry though, they do have something for you too! As a non-coffee drinker myself I seem to be disappointed quite often as there generally arent too many options for me in a coffee house but the atmosphere is always so relaxing and cool. I also have a hard time because Im supposed to stay away from caffeine making even tea or hot chocolate difficult to drink at some places. Not here though, I was pleasantly surprised to hear they have a drink they call a steamer that is coffee free. Basically it is just milk and cream with some flavoring but I tried the Toffee Nut Steamer and I would have never guessed that was all it was! Yum! It was perfection! A nice warm drink to sip to relax, they make it very pretty and carefully place the toppings, making your drink feel just as special as all those cups of coffee out there. Perfect side to a soft, flaky DeRoziers donut or apple fritter! Dont wait too late, they do tend to sell out of the donuts, but dont worry, you can just walk next door and pick up a cupcake or cookie from Dreams to Reality Cakes if they are out, to enjoy with your coffee, tea or steamer.

Located in Downtown Peru, right along the main drag, this should be a must do on your trip to Peru. Enjoy!

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