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The EMT Food Truck

November 4, 2014 - General -

EMT Food TruckThe EMT (Emergency Munchie Truck) Food Truck serves healthy made-from-scratch vegetarian lunches, including their signature grilled homemade waffle sandwiches. Theyve been in the truckin business since November of last year and are already gaining a loyal vegetarian and non-vegetarian following.

Ill be honest, when I learned EMT was a vegetarian food truck, I was a little apprehensive about trying it because I didnt know what to expect. Owner Amber Davis has brought her love for cooking and her vegetarian lifestyle to the fast food business, and I was more than pleasantly surprised by how much I loved everything I sampled! I started with two of their best sellers - the Triple B and Triple M. The Triple B is a black bean burger with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. The Triple M is filled with Mac & Cheese and a creamy muenster and sharp cheddar spread. Both sandwiches are served on their crispy waffles and grilled to perfection.

I also tried two other favorites - the Portabella Parm and Mac Nuggets. The Portabella Parm sandwich is a portabella mushroom, marinara sauce and Italian cheese melted between two waffles. The Mac Nuggets are fried Mac n Cheese bites covered in panko bread crumbs and served with their secret munchies dipping sauce. I highly recommend ordering a side of the sweet potato fries with any of the sandwiches. The sweet fries dipped in their homemade chipotle ketchup is a winning combination!

You can follow the EMT Food Truck on Facebook and Twitter to find out where theyre located during the week and to see their daily specials. I found them parked downtown Lafayette near the courthouse. You can also reserve the truck for office outings and private parties and events.

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