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The Chocolate Moose: Signature Sandwiches, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda and More!

November 4, 2014 - General -

Bud and Cheryl Sturm have transformed The Chocolate Moose into one of Eastern Indianas favorite places for breaded tenderloin sandwiches and selections of ice cream and old fashioned ice cream sodas. So much so, that they have 2 menus, one for their sandwiches, salads, burgers and another for their ice cream and desserts!

Just about everyone in the restaurant this afternoon had a breaded tenderloin basket with homemade fries. The tenderloin is locally, fresh pork tenderloin, marinated for 24 hours and breaded, slow cooked on their grill, never deep fried. It is then seasoned with their special Moose Seasoning. The sandwich is so large that 2 ladies across from us had shared their tenderloin so they could enjoy their shakes.

I love chili cheese dogs, so I had the Moose Chili Cheese Dog. The Moose Chili Cheese Dog is ¼ lb of All Beef Frank, topped with homemade chili and oh so good! The Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda was worth all the calories. If youre unsure on what to order, your best bet is to look for a picture of the Moose next to the selection. Those are The Chocolate Moose Favorites. One that certainly stood out was the Big Pig  pork tenderloin covered with 2 slices of deli ham, center cut bacon, smothered in gourmet BBQ sauce, grilled onions and topped with their homemade coleslaw, served on grilled European bread.

Remember, save room for ice cream!

The Chocolate Moose is listing on the following trails:

Just Cruisin I Scream for Ice Cream Trail Tenderloin

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