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Dawg Haus Diner

November 4, 2014 - General -

Dawg Haus Diner is quite a popular downtown eatery located across the courthouse in Greensburg. Mike Greiwe, owner of the Dawy Haus, opened his restaurant almost 2 years ago giving customers a choice of over 30 varieties of hot dawgs, including Veggie Dawg and Turkey Dawg! Today you will find people enjoying the warm weather, eating their dawgs on the outside patio and others enjoying the air-conditioned eatery inside.

Dawg Haus is a dine-in, carry-out restaurant, offering delivery service to the downtown area. Mikes has other selections on his menu, including tenderloins, deep fried cod fish sandwiches, breaded mushrooms and King Size Pretzels! Dawg House Diner has specials on Tuesdays, Coney Dogs $2.00! Dawgs are $3.99 but you can certainly add a dawg for $2.99, saving a dollar.

If youre super, super hungry, get The Big Dawg 22 of all beef hot Dawg for $12.99. The six most popular at Dawg Haus Diner begins with #6 - the Cincinnati Dawg (The Red Legs); #8 - Chili Cheese Dawg (The Pirate); #1 - Bacon Chili Cheese Dawg (GPD Dawg); #18 - Reuben Dawg (NYR Dawg) and #7  Chicago Dawg!

My personal favorite and recommendation - #7, Chicago Dawg! But I cant wait to get back and try #20, the Slaw Dawg (The Main Street Dawg)!!

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