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150+375=Stories Story

November 5, 2014 - General -

Take one hundred and fifty homemade pies and three hundred seventy-five pounds of hand-breaded tenderloin a week and you have just a little of the back-story on Stories Restaurant in Greensburg.

Jane Storie knows pie&&.when you make twenty-five pies a day, or 150 pies a week she has earned her pie making credentials. Janes list of homemade pies include close to twenty different types. On the menu everyday in season is Strawberry, a must try, along with coconut, banana, graham cracker, peach, butterscotch (my favorite), apple, cherry, and chocolate peanut butter. She also rotates into the mix: lemon, chocolate, pecan, sugar cream, custard, and cobblers. With a homemade crust it is no wonder Stories Restaurant has customers from around the world.

But I jumped right to dessert; let us go back to the entrée of choice at Stories. They are known for their hand breaded with secret seasonings deep fried tenderloin. I did ask about the secret seasonings, but Don was not cutting loose with the family secret. With the brothers, Don and Chuck cutting, tenderizing, and breading 350-400#s of tenderloin a week, they seem to know what they are doing and I would have to agree.

I enjoyed a lunch of hand breaded tenderloin with the homemade macaroni salad and potato salad sides. The tenderloin is served on a bun with crisp lettuce, onion and juicy tomato with your choice of sandwich dressing. As I bit into the well seasoned sandwich, I was not disappointed, the years of experience show in a great, no fuss Hoosier tradition.

Stories Restaurant, a Greensburg institution and main stay in the Hoosier tenderloin tradition has been in business thirty plus years and it is still a family run dining experience. Current owners, Don and Chuck joined their mom and dad back in 1978 to help run the family restaurant. The family operation doesnt stop at just blood family, employees are like family also, with the breakfast cook having been a part of the Stories Story for 34 years and some of the wait staff almost as long.

Stop in to Stories Restaurant for a Hoosier tradition and enjoy a Greensburg family tradition&.you will soon become family.

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