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Mr. Weenie, Peru's Welcoming Mascot

June 23, 2014 - General -

Ive been in Peru many times now and every time I drive in to downtown I pass this friendly sign of a smiling hot dog or weenie in bow tie and hat and it always brings a smile to my face. You just cant help but smile when you see it. Well, this last trip, I was finally able to stop and try Mr. Weenie!

You have two options when you stop at Mr. Weenie, sit in your car and have a car hop wait on you or go into the building, order at the counter and sit at one of their small tables. They dont have a ton of tables so Id recommend doing the drive in. Mr. Weenie is known for their hot dogs of course and they do have a variety, something everyone would enjoy. We highly recommend their Chicago Dog, its a beef hot dog (tastes a lot like sausage) topped with a pickle, tomato, relish, onion, mustard, peppers and ketchup on a poppy seed bun. They also have great Spanish Cheese dogs and some interesting varieties like a Bahama Mama Dog and a Wriggly Dog. Besides their great hot dogs, we recommend their tenderloin as well, its fairly large and thick and served with your favorite toppings, we like mayonnaise and pickle on ours.

We hope that the next time you are in the Peru area, you will stop by and give Mr. Weenie a try, we are sure you wont be disappointed! You cant miss it, just look for Mr. Weenie! Just in case though, they are located at 600 North Broadway. Dont forget your Mr. Weenie tee shirt as well! Enjoy!

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