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Quintessentail Partnership at Ralph and Ava's Cafe in Mooresville

May 13, 2016 - General -

Chipotle Chicken Wrap at Ralph and Ava's A local restaurant, supplying and buying local items from other local businesses&isnt that how this is supposed to work? Sadly, it doesn't always, but in Mooresville, there is one local restaurant that is doing a wonderful job, partnering with local businesses. Ralph and Avas Café is owned by Paul and Toni Ford and they have mastered the art of local. They get cake from Sugar Mommas, Pie from Bran N Shorts, alcohol from local wineries and breweries, employ local artists for their live music nights and they themselves provide the catering for almost all of Mallow Run Winery's events! Wow! What great business owners, they really understand local and help support their local economy. Their theory is "We're all in this together".

The local partnerships show, the food is so fresh and tasty too! While we were there we were able to sample the Pretzel Melt with ham and cheese and the Chipotle Chicken Wrap. The pretzel melt's bun was of course a soft pretzel and was fluffy and buttery. The sandwich was stuffed with ham and cheese with a sweet honey mustard sauce making this the perfect combination of salty and sweet. The Chipotle Chicken Wrap, had a spicy kick with a creamy sauce (of course made fresh there) on a tomato wrap. We also had the opportunity to try a slice of cake from Sugar Mommas. The cake special that day was Snickerdoodle. Who knew you could have a snickerdoodle any other way than as a cookie? Let me tell you, the snickerdoodle cake was better than any traditional snickerdoodle I've ever had. The cake was moist yet flaky and melted in your mouth and the icing was the perfect mix of creamy and sweet. Yum! We are going to have to try out Sugar Mommas too, but that's for another day. I should note that the brownies and other desserts are still made here at Ralph and Avas as well.

When you walk in Ralph and Avas, you immediately feel like you are home. The original wood floors have been restored, there is a silver tin ceiling, a grouping of wing back chairs sits by the fireplace as you walk in with an area to put a puzzle together or play a game if you wish. The rest of the restaurant has a variety of wood tables with mismatched chairs. It's very welcoming and makes you want to come and sit a while.

Wondering where the name comes from? No it's not the owners names but their dogs! When they first opened the restaurant in 2011, they thought their dogs names would make a great name for their restaurant. In keeping with the dog theme, the bar is called the Wagging Tail Bar and the kids menu is called Sadies Plate, the name of another puppy they have.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday but you might want to come for dinner on Thursdays for trivia night, Fridays for Open Mic night or Saturdays for live music night. Check their website before you go for times and schedule. Bring your friends and family too! There are a variety of board games you can play before or after your meal if you'd like. Our favorite was the Rock'em Sock'em Robots game that they keep on the bar. You up for a round? I'll meet you there!

Blog written by Ashley Gregory

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