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Hartland Winery

Alan and Brenda Lockhart planted a vineyard and started making wine in their kitchen about 10 years ago. After Alan started entering wine competitions and winning bronze, silver, gold and double gold awards, it became clear that he had talent; so they began making plans for a winery. Seven years later it came to fruition.

On May 23, 2016 Hartland Winery and Vineyard opened on three acres of land south of Ashley, Indiana. Their mission is to produce "small batches and handcrafted" wines to bring you a unique and pleasing, wider variety of wines that are at their peak of flavor and freshness.

Open 7 days, with hours extended during the week, allows customers to enjoy some wine after work. You are invited to bring your own food or picnic and eat outside, or you can order from two local restaurants and have a meal delivered to the tasting room. They will even help you pair a nice bottle of wine with your meal! Menus are available.

Open: MONTHUR 11:00AM TO 7:00PM | FRISAT 12:00PM TO 8:00PM | SUN 12:00PM TO 5:00PM

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Credit Cards: YES

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Alcohol Served: Yes

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Parking: Large Parking Lot / Handle Buses

Visible Signage: From Road / Sign on Building / From Highway

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Phone: (260) 587-3301

ASHLEY, IN 460705

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