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Stop 10: Tenderloin Lovers Trail Trail

Walls Drive-IN

Serve freshly made to order burgers, tenderloins, fries, ice cream and more of your old time drive-ins. Locally owned and operated, Walls Drive-In takes you back in time with the Drive-In experience. Famous for their Ice-Cream and Big Square Burger. 

Hours of Operation

Daily 10-8PM

General Dining

Credit Cards: CASH ONLY

Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner, Ice Cream, Snacks

Dining Classification:  Casual, Family

Cost: $

Menu Style: American, Sandwiches, Ice Cream

Discounts: Daily Specials

Entertainment: Special Nights


Parking: Large Parking Lot 

Visible Signage: From Road 


Seating: Picnic Tables Outside

Recommended Dishes

Known for their Square Burgers, Ice Cream, Tenderloins, Fire Chicken sandwich, Squeaker Sandwich


Restaurant Photo

Website Phone Directions

Restaurant Information:

Phone: 812-566-0237

3911 US Highway 66 E
Cannelton, IN 47520

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