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Belgian Horse Winery

Hours of Operation

We are 21+ only inside the winery.

Incredible setting with exceptional wine. The perfect venue for events or a glass of wine with friends. Dating back to 1836, Belgian Horse Winery honors a 6-generation family tradition of sharing time with family and loving good wine. The Tuscany-inspired tasting room offers the ideal ambience for wine tastings or perusing our one-of-a-kind collection of glassware, wine accessories, and other artisan treasures. The Walnut Grove, Patio, and Vineyard are ideal for any outdoor event (perfect for weddings!) Grab someone you consider family and join us for great wine in a beautiful setting. 

Business Hours 

Wednesday - Saturday 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM and 9 PM in Summer

Sunday 2PM - 7PM

General Dining

Credit Cards: YES 

Meals Served: Pizza 

Dining Classification: Winery 


Menu Style: Casual, Lunch and Dinner 

Alcohol Served: Wine and Beer 

Separate Bar Area: YES 

Meeting Room Capacity: 20+ 

Entertainment: Live Music (Outdoor Concerts) throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn 

Diet Specific: Gluten Free Pizza Crust, Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Chicken Pizza Crust


Parking: Large Parking Lot 

Visible Signage: From Road, Sign on Building & From Highway 

Handicapped Accessible: YES


Seating: Tables and Outdoor Seating 

Gift Shop / Products for Sale: Wine

Recommended Dishes

For wine list and online ordering visit.

Catawba- Reminiscent of grapes picked straight from the vine, sweet on the front and finishes with a subtle tartness.

Cousin Elaine Raspberry - Perfect balance of tart and sweet, like taking a bite of a fresh raspberry.

Rufus Red is named after Rufus (Rutherford) Harter, the second generation to farm the land where the winery now sits. (Approx. 1890- 1950)

Myrtle was the matriarch of the “Phipps” side of the family and was as sweet as this wine. She ran her own daycare in Middletown with 30+ children sometimes at once. Along with that, she raised an amazing family of 6 kids while being a single mother and eventually having dozens of grandkids and now great grandchildren. She was a true leader and the example we all look to today. Myrtle’s Mango is 100% mango fruit with a big tropical nose; like a refreshing white wine with a prominent mango aftertaste. ?? WARNING?? This wine may make you as sassy as our “mamaw” pictured on the label. We are not responsible! ????

BBQ bacon chicken pizza available now! Sweet/spicy bbq sauce base, shredded 3 cheese blend with grilled chicken, perfectly cooked bacon, red onions, and topped with more delicious BBQ sauce!

Restaurant Photo

Website Phone Directions

Restaurant Information:

Phone: (765) 779-3002

7200 West County Rd 625
Middletown, IN 47356

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